Direct System Block Ice Machine

Adopts latest refrigeration technology, Focusun block ice machine ensures better refrigerating performance and more environmental ice making process.

Direct system block ice machines are designed to integrated modular, which,therefore save space and labor costs. The biggest difference to brine system, direct system uses aluminium alloy plates as evaporator which accords with international food sanitation standard. During the ice making process, water will be supplied automatically to ice cans through water feeding pipes, then in the aluminium evaporator happens the direct heat exchange between the water and refrigerant which brings much higher ice making efficiency than ordinary brine refrigeration system.

Block ice applications

  1. Ice factories and small-scale fisheries;
  2. Cooling preservation and freezing aquatic products;
  3. Summer cooling;
  4. Edible ice.
Direct Refrigeration System Block Ice Machine Models And Specifications
Model Daily Capacity Operating Weight Size(L×W×Hmm) Refrigerant Max. Ambient Temp. Supply Water Temp.
FIB-O5D 0.5T 560kg 1500×800×1800 R22/R404A +40 26
FIB-10D 1T 960kg 1800×1200×2000 R22/R404A
FIB-15D 1.5T 1260kg 2800×1200×2000 R22/R404A
FIB-20D 2T 1460kg 2800×1400×2000 R22/R404A
FIB-25D 2.5T 1660kg 3200×1400×2000 R22/R404A
FIB-30D 3T 2180kg 3600×1400×2200 R22/R404A
FIB-35D 3.5T 2100kg 3600×1650×2000 R22/R404A
FIB-50D 5T Unit: 960kg 1400×1000×1250 R22/R404A
Evaporator: 2860kg 4800×1000×2250
Cooling tower:460kg Φ1380×H2170
FIB-100D 10T Unit: 1680kg 1800×1000×1450 R22/R404A
Evaporator: 2860kg×2(p.c.) 4800×1000×2250
Cooling tower: 670kg Φ2000×H2410
FIB-150D 15T Unit: 2160kg 2000×1200×1600 R22/R404A
Evaporator: 2860kg×3(p.c.) 4800×1000×2250
Cooling tower: 1120kg Φ2175×H2565
FIB-200D 20T Unit: 2896kg 2400×1600×1800 R22/R404A
Evaporator: 2860kg×4(p.c.) 4800×1000×2250
Cooling tower: 1300kg Φ2650×H2645
FIB-250D 25T Unit: 3260kg 3200×1800×2200 R22/R404A
Evaporator: 2860kg×5(p.c.) 4800×1000×2250
Cooling tower: 1630kg Φ3050×H2780
FIB-300D 30T Unit: 3500kg 3000×2000×2200 R22/R404A
Evaporator: 2860kg×6(p.c.) 4800×1000×2250
Cooling tower: 2730kg Φ3300×H2785
The daily production capacity tested in: dry bulb temperature 33 ℃ and water inlet temperature 25℃. Applicable condition: 45℃ max. ambient temp., inlet water temp.: 0-40℃. Ice degree: -8~-3℃.
*The above-mentioned technical parameter will be changed subject to technical innovation without further notice.

Direct Block Ice Machine Features

  1. PLC controls the whole ice making process ensuring the whole operation in a safe and stable condition;
  2. Aluminium alloy plates evaporator extends ice machine’s life span and also meets the international food sanitation standard;
  3. When the ice making process finished, the ice doffing start automatically which requires no extra manual operation;
  4. The ice is doffed by batch and the whole process takes only around 25 minutes which guarantees your ice using demand;
  5. The whole batch of ice can be moved by forklift, improve your working efficiency;
  6. Daily production capacity from 1 ton to hundreds of tons;
  7. Ice weight options: 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg, etc.;
  8. The daily capacity of ice machine, ice dimension and ice weight can all be customized;
  9. Same as Focusun flake ice machines, block ice machines can be installed in the 20 or 40 feet ISO container.