Seawater Flake Ice Machine

Ice flakes benefit a important position in fisheries and seafood preservation, after years of continuous research, Focusun develops specially a new advanced technology to make flake ice for coastal areas where provide us rich seawater as raw material.

Focusun seawater flake ice machine is designed for large ocean-going fishing industry which could overcome the corrosion of seawater, pitching and swing problems of vessels.

In addition, in order to suit the different using places, Focusun designs two types of seawater flake ice making machine: land using seawater flake ice machine and marine using seawater flake ice machine.

Various options for daily capacity from 0.5T to 60T.

Seawater Flake Ice Machine Features

  1. Using seawater as inlet water, greatly facilitate the marine operation in coastal areas.
  2. Adopts totally stainless steel and antisepsis aliminium alloy, high quality material and components applied to protect the whole equipment from seawater corrosion.
  3. All parts of flake ice making machine are installed in one set ensures a easy operation and maintain, more space-saving.
  4. Bizter deepened oil tank and marine seawater condenser guarantee a smooth operation even in worst condition.
Seawater Flake Ice Machine Models And Specifications
Model Daily Capacity Operating Weight Size(L×W×Hmm) Refrigerant Electric Consumption
FIF-50WB 5T 1120kg 2200×1050×1550 R404A 21.8kw
FIF-60WB 6T 1600KG 2150×1350×1580 R404A 22kw
FIF-80WB 8T 1800kg 2450×1650×1600 R404A 26kw
FIF-100WB 10T 3000kg 3550×1550×2100 R404A 34.3kw
FIF-150WB 15T 3400kg 4000×1850×2400 R404A 49.35kw
FIF-200WB 20T 3600kg 4200×2000×2914 R404A 68.40kw
FIF-05 0.5T 530kg 1100×700×630 R404A 2.5kw
FIF-08 0.8T 560kg 1200×740×650 R404A 3.67kw
FIF-10 1T 620kg 1200×740×800 R404A 4.3kw
FIF-20 2T 680kg 1560×1200×960 R404A 7.15kw
FIF-30 3T 720kg 1700×900×1200 R404A 11.3kw
FIF-40 4T 780kg 1700×900×1400 R404A 14.94kw
FIF-50 5T 860kg 2200×1050×1550 R404A 17.28kw
FIF-60 6T 950kg 2200×1050×1750 R404A 21.24kw
The daily production capacity tested in: dry bulb temperature 33 ℃ and water inlet temperature 25℃. Applicable condition: 45℃ max. ambient temp., inlet water temp.: 0-40℃. Model FIF-WB is our land using seawater flake ice machine.
*The above-mentioned technical parameter will be changed subject to technical innovation without further notice.