Water Chiller

Focusun™ takes a custom approach to each water chiller application ensuring we meet your exact requirements. Using very robust components to ensure equipment longevity. Focusing on energy efficiency all the time.

Focusun™ water chillers have completely independent refrigeration system without affected from temperature and environment so that the water temperature can be controlled accurately and efficiently. In addition, the independent water circulation system ensures you save a lot of water.

Focusun Water Chiller Features

  1. Focusun water chiller adopts reasonable industrial design making installation and operation process as easy as possible.
  2. Adopts 4-stage chilling lowering the water temperature from 45 ℃to 0.5℃.
  3. Available in capacities from 1 ton to 700 tons per day.
  4. Well spaced components for accessibility and maintainability.
  5. Can be installed in a ISO standard container, convenient for transportation.

We appreciate that you choose Focusun Refrigeration and please feel free to Contact Us for more information about water chiller.