Block Ice Machine

Always being a featured product of Focusun products series. Focusun™ manufactures two types of block ice machine by different refrigeration systems: direct refrigeration system utilizing alluminium alloy plates as evaporator which is more durable and meets food hygiene requirements; brine refrigeration system with traditional brine tank, after years of improvements, this refrigeration technology occupies a place in global refrigeration market.

Focusun™ block ice machine have a range of capacity from 1 ton to 300 tons.

Focusun block ice weight and dimension for options:

Weight(Kg/Block) 5 10 15 20 25 50
Dimension(L×W×Hmm) 125×100×600 155×100×750 185×125×750 245×125×750 315×125×750 480×160×750

In addition, Focusun block ice machines produce transparent and milky white two types of ice. And the transparent ice used usually in ice sculpture.