Plate Ice Machine

Focusun™ plate ice machine adopts two new advanced refrigeration technologies: flat-plate heat transfer technology and hot gas defrost technology.

Flat-plate heat transfer

The water in the tank below is transported from the cold water tank to the cold water sprinkler by the cold water pump. It is then evenly sprinkled on surface of the stainless steel plate evaporator. Through the heat transfer with the refrigerant, some water is created into plate ice sheets.

Hot gas defrost

Hot fluorine gas flows upstream to the evaporator, begins a heat exchange with water and plate ice on the surface of the evaporator. Then plate ice drops into the ice crushing gadget due to the melt of the ice sheets.

Plate ice application

  1. Ice storage system
  2. Concrete mixing plants
  3. Chemical plants
  4. Mine cooling
  5. Vegetable freshness
  6. Edible ice
Plate Ice Machine Models And Specifications
Model Daily Capacity Operating Weight Size(L×W×Hmm) Refrigerant Electricity Consumption Install Power
FIP-10 1T 960kg 1700×1200×1700 R22/R404A 6.69KW 8KW
FIP-20 2T 1200kg 2200×1600×2000 R22/R404A 9.92KW 12KW
FIP-30 3T 1250kg 2200×1500×2000 R22/R404A 14.41KW 18KW
FIP-50 5T 1550kg 2000×1800×2200 R22/R404A 25.15KW 30KW
FIP-60 6T 1860kg 2200×2000×2200 R22/R404A 30.6KW 36KW
FIP-80 8T Unit: 670kg 1200×800×1650 R22/R404A 29.25KW 35KW
Evaporator: 1356kg 2200×1400×2200
Cooling tower: 540kg Φ1500×H2205
FIP-100 10T Unit: 1150kg 1600×1200×1800 R22/R404A 39.07KW 48KW
Evaporator: 1460 2200×1700×2200
Cooling tower: 670kg Φ2000×H2410
FIP-120 12T Unit: 1250kg 1600×1250×1800 R22/R404A 44.47KW 55KW
Evaporator: 1560kg 2200×1900×2200
Cooling tower: 670kg Φ2000×H2410
FIP-160 16T Unit: 1450kg 1750×1250×1800 R22/R404A 56.35KW 70KW
Evaporator: 1760kg 2200×2100×2200
Cooling tower: 1120kg Φ2175×H2565
FIP-200 20T Unit: 2150kg 2450×1600×1800 R22/R404A 84KW 100KW
Evaporator: 2680kg 3800×2200×2450
Cooling tower: 1300kg Φ2650×H2565
FIP-400 40T Unit: 2850kg 3200×2200×2200 R22/R404A 154.7KW 200KW
Evaporator: 5040kg 3800×2200×2450
Cooling tower: 2730kg Φ3300×H2785
FIP-500 50T Unit: 3210kg 3200×2200×2200 R22/R404A 189.1KW 250KW
Evaporator: 5460kg 3200×2200×2450
Cooling tower: 3640kg Φ3770×H3490
The daily production capacity tested in: dry bulb temperature 33 ℃ and water inlet temperature 25℃. Applicable condition: 45℃ max. ambient temp., inlet water temp.: 0-40℃. Ice degree: -8~-3℃.
*The above-mentioned technical parameter will be changed subject to technical innovation without further notice.

Plate Ice Machine Features

  1. Plate ice, 40×40mm-80×80mm in size, 10-15mm in thickness. The thickness can be adjusted according to ice making time which can up to 30mm maximum.
  2. FocusunTM plate ice machines have a range of 1 to 100 tons daily capacity for options.
  3. There are three cooling methods for Focusun plate ice machines: water cooling, air cooling and evaporative cooling condenser.
  4. Focusun plate ice machines are suitable for refrigerants R22, R404A and R717.
  5. Focusun plate ice machine adopts aliminium alloy and stainless steel SUS304 as condenser. Durable and nice-looking, confirms with the sanitary requirements.
  6. Hot gas defrost technology ensures an efficient ice doffing mode. The whole ice doffing process lats only 2 minutes.
  7. PLC controller helps controls whole ice making process.