Cold Room

Focusun™ designs and manufactures cold room with different capacity, it can be made according to your demands, thus Focusun Cold Room do not have limits in dimensions. Each cold room has a door makes it convenient to store and take the ice you need at every times.

Cold Room Application

  1. Ice factory
  2. Fisheries
  3. Food processing
  4. Hospital and laboratories
  5. Supermarkets and restaurants
  6. Fruits and vegetables preservation

Focusun Cold Room Features

  1. Professional automatic ice storage system. At present, Focusun offers three types of ice storage systems: screw ice storage, crawler ice storage and rake ice storage.
  2. As for cold room material, stainless steel, colorful steel and galvanized steel are for options.
  3. Can be used to store food, ice, medicinal, medical and chemical equipment just by adjusting the temperature.
  4. Can be installed directly into a standard ISO container. Easy to transfer. Maximum capacity is 24T.

Focusun offers you three types of cold room:

Ice Storage Bin

  1. Standard thickness of insulation: 100mm.
  2. Ice storage period: 1~3 days.
  3. Small capacity and short-term ice storage bin meets the needs of up to 1.8 ton machine.

Walk-in Ice Storage Room

  1. Standard thickness of insulation: 100mm.
  2. Ice storage period: 1~3 days.
  3. No refrigeration system.

Walk-in Ice Storage Room with refrigeration system

  1. There is a refrigeration unit in ice storage room, which can hold temperature stable down to -8℃.
  2. Ice storage period: 20 days.
  3. Standard thickness of insulation: 100mm.
Type Temp. Application
Ice Storage Bin/Room +50℃~-20℃ Fruits, vegetable, flowers, dairy products, wines, chocolate, fresh eggs, meat, medicine, tea leaves, seed, etc.
Refrigerated Ice Storage Room -10℃~-23℃ Frozen fish, meat and poultry.

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