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Whatever you want to buy from Focusun, such as tube ice machines, block ice machines, flake ice machines, ice bins, plate ice machine, etc., we will give you our professional advices and appropriate solutions according to your actual requirements and local conditions.

We appreciate and welcome your interest in Focusun products and service. Dial the number to get your exclusive refrigeration solutions: +55 41 99203-5588………

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We provide you with our thoughtful service system ensuring you a comfortable use.

√ 15-month warranty Word Class service of 24-hour
√ Free instructive installation and operational training
√ Free replacement for accessories during 2~3 years

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Always plays a leading role in global refrigeration industry, Focusun™ manufactures everything you need: ice machines, cold rooms/ice bins, semi-automatic or full automatic ice-packaging machines, ice crusher, ice compactors,snow making machines, water chillers and other refrigeration products. Besides, our refrigeration engineers design the suitable solutions exclusively for you.